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Jinder Mahal on why he loves working with Randy Orton, why getting released in 2014 was a good thing, thoughts on The Undertaker

We got a few minutes to speak with former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and it looks like he is ready to get back into the ring. Mahal talked about his training and then he talked about his favorite person to work with.

Mahal said, “Randy Orton. He’s just super knowledgable, so relaxed, no stress.” He added, “Randy you can’t have a bad match with. He is the most gifted athlete I’ve ever been in the ring with.”

Mahal also talked about his memories of being around The Undertaker and what makes him so special: “Just being around him, his aura. He’s so helpful, helping all the young guys. He watches every match and if you need advice from Taker, there’s no one better to go to. He’s the man.”

“My favorite memory is probably I think Raw 1000 when me and a group of underutilized talent … Drew McIntyre was part of the group went to attack the Brothers of Destruction in a match and ended up getting a chokeslam probably for that night. His jacket got stuck, when he went to take it off it took forever to take it off.”

Mahal also talked about getting released in 2014 and his struggle before he ultimately became WWE Champion: “The more you struggle, the longer you’re underutilized ultimately the more you appreciate when you get that spot. It was awesome. If I could redo it again, I wouldn’t do anything differently. Getting released in 2014 is probably the best thing that happened to me. It got me remotivated and refocused. I don’t think I would have became WWE Champion if it didn’t happen and I don’t think Drew would have either so we would have been coasting and kind of doing the same thing air guitaring.”

Check out the video below:


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