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Jinder Mahal reacts to his botched spot at the Greatest Royal Rumble

The funniest, and perhaps biggest moment at the Greatest Royal Rumble show was Titus O’Neil’s slip and fall under the ring as he entered into the 50-Man Rumble. O’Neil’s blunder has overshadowed another botch that took place on the show.

If you watched the Jinder Mahal vs. Jeff Hardy match then you probably noticed the Whisper in the Wind spot that didn’t connect. The announcers tried their best to cover it up but it was clear that Hardy was nowhere near Mahal. It would have been fine if Hardy had just missed but it was worse when Mahal actually sold and took a bump. Maybe the wind knocked him down?

Anyway, Mahal was a good sport about it on Twitter and jokingly said that he was just playing possum. You can check out a clip of the spot below and scroll down for Mahal’s response.

For what it’s worth, the talent was very tired from the long trip so fatigue may have played a part in the missed spot. Thankfully, they will have a couple of days off this weekend before WWE runs a Smackdown Live event and Raw on Monday.

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