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Joey Janela offers to help Marty Jannetty get his much needed surgeries

Life has been rough for former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty. He continues to wrestle on the independent scene but if you’ve seen him in action in recent years, it’s clear that the man is in a ton of pain.

The 58-year-old has talked about the severity of his ankle injuries. One of his ankles is positioned sideways and the other needs a cast. Surgery would help alleviate the pain but he can’t afford it so he wrestles while in excruciating pain. Unfortunately for him, while WWE does pay to cover drug rehab for former talent, ex-wrestlers are on their own for injuries sustained in the ring.

On Friday night, Jannetty wrestled a match against Joey Janela. According to fan reports, he put on a helluva match and he didn’t cut corners despite the fact that he could get away with a slower paced match with limited bumps if he wanted to.

The match ran about 20 minutes and featured Jannetty taking a double foot stomp with a chair, a top rope splash through a chair and a death valley driver on the ring apron.

Janela took time to acknowledge Jannetty’s efforts and later promised to start a Go Fund Me for him so he can get his much-needed surgeries. It’s a nice gesture and hopefully, the ankle surgeries can help alleviate some of the pain he’s in right now.

Janela wrote on Twitter: “I never seen a man fight through pain like I did tonight, as soon as I find out how much surgery is I will start the go fund me page to help him get the surgeries he so desperately needs! Thank you Marty! @aiwrestling”


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