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Joey Ryan talks alleged racism from Bill DeMott, his time in TNA, and more

Mark Suleymanov recently conducted an interview with former TNA superstar Joey Ryan. He spoke to him about his time in TNA, his issues with Bill DeMott, independent wrestling and so much more.

Here's a small excerpt from the interview.

“When I teamed with Matt [Morgan], we didn’t get too much direction, they let us do our own thing. I think they didn’t realy know what to do with us per se,” said Ryan. “He was supposed to be the unstoppable monster so he wouldn’t be on the defense much but there is only so many times I can lose a match for us and then him not look like an idiot for teaming with me because he is supposed to be unstoppable. Since they didn't really know wha they wanted to do with us, or how they wanted to push us or how they wanted to use us, we just got stuck in feuds we weren't gonna win."

“Hearing the stories of some of the more racist and homophobic things he would say during classes, it got puzzling to me why he was being so protected by the WWE. I feel like wrestling has so many negatvies going towards it that we need to weed out stuff ike that. There's no place for that stuff in the world much less professional wrestling, which is already looked down up by the mainstream.”

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The interview with excerpts can be found here:

Full audio of the interview is linked in the article.