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Joey Styles apparently still has heat with WWE



Apparently, there is still heat on Joey Styles from WWE and that's before the comments made during the EVOLVE show on Saturday. As previously noted, Taz, Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz were backstage at Smackdown Live on Tuesday night to film content for the WWE Network.

In the recent Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that there was a directive to not have Joey Styles involved. That was the directive even before this past weekend so there was heat on him related to his firing. Syles was fired back in August for things he said during a Facebook Live session with Cathy Kelley. He basically joked that he would be fired becuase he was saying things that were considered too "inside" (ie. Roman Reigns being pushed because kids and their mothers like him).

Jim Ross was the original choice to host the ECW show (it looks like a roundtable panel show, based on tweets sent out by the people involved) but Corey Graves will be hosting instead of Ross.

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