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Joey Styles makes his first post-WWE comments, now available for indie bookings



As noted, Joey Styles was recently released by WWE. Styles did a Facebook Q&A just days after his release and voiced his opinions about various topics. During the Q&A, Styles stated that he was not a fan of the name of the Universal Championship and did not like that WWE has a 3-man commentary team for both RAW and SmackDown Live. It should be noted that WWE pulled the video from their YouTube and Facebook pages.

There’s speculation that Styles was released because of the comments he made during the Q&A.

Styles issued the following comments via Twitter:

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"OH MY GOD! I'm back! Sorry that I was away for a couple of weeks. @THETOMMYDREAMER told me I was trending. I wonder why. Was I in the news?"

"I'm now available to appear at indie events! I am NOT available for announcing, podcasts or interviews. email:"