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Joey Styles talks about ECW, fans, his “Oh My God” catchphrase, more



Joey Styles recently spoke with about his career and more. During the interview, Styles was asked about the ECW fans. Styles said that the fans started to embrace him as the company started to grow. “At first, I thought ECW was going to be a stepping stone to a bigger company.” Styles stated that he never thought that he would be turning down ten offers by other promotions while he was in ECW. He added that he went down with the ship along with Tommy Dreamer. Styles said that decision lost him money in the short-term, but it benefitted both of them in the long run. Styles believes that decision is the reason he and Dreamer are still relevant in pro wrestling and able to still work in wrestling.

Styles is known for his famous “Oh My God” catchphrase, and when asked about how he came up with it, Styles explained that he started saying it when something wild happened on ECW TV while he was in post-production. He stated that he asked Paul Heyman if he could say it and Heyman said that would be his new catchphrase.

You can read the entire interview here.

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