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Joey Styles talks about his time in ECW, Paul Heyman, working for WWNLive



Joey Styles recently spoke with about his career and more. During the interview, Styles was asked about he started working in ECW. Styles explained that Paul Heyman called him for a tryout with the promotion. Heyman was just a talent at the time, and Eddie Gilbert was the booker while Tod Gordon was the owner. Heyman didn’t tell anyone that he offered Styles a job because he had no business doing it. Styles was getting dressed in the locker room when Gordon walked up and asked who he was. Styles said he was there for an audition, but Gordon didn’t know about. "That was the start of my career with ECW," Styles said.

Following his departure from WWE earlier this year, Styles started working for WWNLive, which is the parent company of EVOLVE and other wrestling promotions. Styles said that just when he thought his announcing career was over, he is now calling three professional wrestling video-on-demand subscription services for Chikara, EVOLVE, and Beyond Wrestling. Styles added that the video-on-demand is the biggest game changer in pro wrestling. Styles explained being an announcer is just his weekend job as he is still working full time selling digital advertising, which is what he did back in his twenties and is traveling from Connecticut into Manhattan to sell advertising during the week

You can read the entire interview here.

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