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John Bradshaw Layfield adds fuel to the Montreal Screwjob "conspiracy" theory fire



During this week's episode of "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," John Bradshaw Layfield added an interesting piece to the Montreal Screwjob story and talked about his time working with Roman Reigns.

Bradshaw said he has an interesting piece to add to the Montreal screwjob conspiracy:

"After the punch, Vince sells it to the dressing room. Next day, we went in for just a little bit because we wanted to see what was going to happen," he said.

"We got this flight to Japan, but I got to see what's going to happen. We see Vince. Later that night, he has a black eye for one of the photos. He didn't have it that morning. Now it may have developed during the day. Fair enough, and it may just be a work that he was building on what happened, which is my suspicion, but a few more little fuels for the conspiracy fire.”

"I don't think it was a work. I'm just telling you what I saw. What I thought from what I saw was that it was not a work because I saw the guys in the back, you know, before the match. If this was a work, this would have been exposed by now."

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"I think the next day, when Vince didn't have the black eye, but he appeared to have one on television, either it came along throughout the day, or he's decided to make this something a little bit bigger. That's what I thought it was, that it was a shoot, but that Vince was going to make this into something a little bit bigger by, 'Hey, we got something here. Let's go with it' is my opinion.”

Bradshaw talking about working with Roman Reigns when Reigns was starting to wrestle:

"I worked as an agent for just a few months and it drove me nuts and I had to quit," he said.

"Roman was probably the smartest guy I worked with that entire time. Roman is a brilliant guy. I would sit down with him. He had a mind for the business. He had a mind for the match, and this isn't now."

"This was back many years ago before all these WrestleMania main events. He was that good."

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