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John Bradshaw Layfield says Vader made a point to make him look good in his final PPV match



The APA (Ron Simmons and John Bradshaw Layfield) appeared on "After the Bell with Corey Graves" this week to discuss WWE's recent Hall of Fame inductees, what it was like to work with Vader, and working with the Steiner Brothers in the past.

Ron Simmons and JBL talking about the recent WWE Hall of Fame inductees:

Ron Simmons on The Undertaker said, "I remember him, and followed him, and saw him when he was someone who was getting started, Mean Mark and all through different changes and everything. But you know, here's the thing. I have the most admiration for him."

"I have been around a lot of athletes and I've done a lot of things myself that relied on you being a man so to speak. I've never seen him complain or bitch about doing something in the ring or for someone. That's a quality that I really place high on when I look at you and evaluate you as a man," Simmons continued.

"That's the best quality of him that I have followed through with him over the years. Now speaking of him in the ring, brother, second to none. It has been an absolute joy to work with him, because he's that guy that everyone wanted to get in and have a run with."

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Simmons on working with Vader:

"I loved working with him. John can tell you this. He was a phenomenal athlete to be a big man at roughly 400 pounds. He had that athletic ability like Yokozuna. He was a big guy that could move. You'd never imagine a guy that big moving like that, and the best thing about him, he had some of those same qualities that The Undertaker did. He didn't mind doing what it took in the ring in order to make the job look real. That's what I liked about him. He worked the same style that John and I loved to work," Ron shared.

JBL added, "To tell you how much respect I have for Vader, his last pay per view, he asked to work with me. He loved Ron. He loved the APA. He rode with me some. He always liked me and kind of considered me an understudy or whatever it was. But he told me that day he said, 'I asked to work with you', and he said, 'Today you're going to get the old Vader.' He said, 'I'm going to come out smoking', and he was as stiff as you could possibly be. He said, 'When you beat somebody today, you're going to beat somebody important because I'm going to have you beat the old Vader. I'm going to have you kick out of my finish because that is going to be the last thing people see is you kicking out of my finish. Then you're going to hit me with yours and go over.' He did that for me on his way out. That was really, really cool for me."

Simmons talking about working with The Steiner Brothers:

"Butch (Reed) and I had the good fortune of working with them. I would absolutely walk in the building and would hope that we were working with them. We had the best matches that we had during our run in WCW because they work the same style that John and I worked all the time we were together."

Simmons continued, "They were athletic guys. Never got any complaint about if you want to do something to him, never bitched about anything, and they worked just like we liked to work."

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