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John Cena addresses no longer being a full-time WWE star



John Cena has done it all in the WWE and had a run on top as the face of the company for several years. He had a longer run on top than Steve Austin and The Rock, two of the biggest stars in the history of the business. 

In recent years, Cena has only been working a part-time schedule for the company while he focuses on his Hollywood career. He spoke about missing the lifestyle of a full-time WWE star during an interview with

“I miss it every day. Every single day. But I’ll be 45 on April 23rd, and I was very fortunate to make it as long as I did with only a minor list of injuries. Nothing that has changed the trajectory of my long term health. I’m strong, flexible, and in really good shape externally, internally. I think now, being a full-time touring performer might start to hit that point of diminishing returns, and I have to be realistic when I look at that.”

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Cena came back for a short WWE run last summer that led to a showdown at the SummerSlam pay-per-view event where he lost to Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Cena agreed to a certain amount of dates through SummerSlam before going back to acting full-time.