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John Cena could return and face familiar opponent at Battleground

John Cena is the Face That Runs The Place no matter what AJ Styles said when he was a heel. Now that Big Match John seems to be coming back to WWE after a little Hollywood Hiatus people are wondering what will happen for John Cena once he returns. When he does come back one thing is for certain that he’ll be a “free agent” which could mean Cena has the possibility of maintaining feuds on both brands.

But as Cena’s July 4th return draws closer some new details are coming out about what WWE might want to do with the biggest household name they have on the active roster. Everyone is talking about SummerSlam and Great Balls Of Fire, but SmackDown Live has another PPV in line on July 23 and it looks like John Cena could be added to the card.

Wrestling Observer Radio says WWE is kicking around the idea of having John Cena square off against a familiar foe at the SmackDown Live PPV in late-July. Rusev is primed to come back from injury soon and needs someone to crush. The thinking is at this time that John Cena might be the best return rivalry for the Bulgarian Brute.

These two have collided on several occasions and had some epic encounters in the past that got very violent and pretty dangerous. If WWE rebooks this feud it might be a short one, but these two work together so well it’s not out of the question that we could see a full program built around these two Superstars.

If might be cool to see these two go at it again because Rusev has improved worlds since his feud with Cena. In a lot of ways John Cena made Rusev with their feud too so revisiting it might have that much more value.

Things will probably be much clearer on July 4th when Cena makes his return to SmackDown Live. But don’t be surprised to hear Rusev’s crushing entrance music interrupt John Cena’s WWE Homecoming.


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