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John Cena moving to Smackdown after the draft?



There was a "leaked" list of names for Raw and Smackdown going around this week on social media. The list was fake and WWE is keeping everything secretive. In fact, other than what they have planned for the top talent, they might not even have everything figured out yet as far as the complete rosters for Raw and Smackdown. In past drafts, they would not let talent know until it was announced live on the air and that might be the case with the draft this year.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that, as things stand today, Roman Reigns would anchor Raw and John Cena would be the top star for Smackdown. Cena is the biggest draw in the company so a move to Smackdown could potentially get Smackdown off to a good start in the ratings and hopefully, knock the stigma off Smackdown as being a secondary brand.

Seth Rollins would be the top heel on Raw and AJ Styles would be the top heel on Smackdown. There are still plans to create a second world title. For what it's worth, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, as of 5/31, were listed on advertising for the first live Smackdown on 7/19. The advertising was updated on 6/1 with Reigns vs. Rollins as the main event. They could always change that or they could just go forward with those plans and do like they've done in the past where they say that the results from the brand split don't take effect for a couple of weeks. If they do that they could hype the first Smackdown as the "last time" you'll ever see Reigns on that show. Everything can, and often does, change depending on how McMahon feels.

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Corey Graves has been teasing on Twitter that he may end up on Smackdown. If that is the case then it would make sense for him to replace Byron Saxton and just keep Saxton exclusive to Raw.

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