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John Cena says Theory is in need of an attitude adjustment

Although there have been no reports regarding WWE having any plans for John Cena, the former WWE Champion and Theory continue to hint at a future match between them.

Theory previously threw out the idea of facing Cena at this year’s SummerSlam event on Instagram and is still pushing for it. Cena thinks highly of the young star as he has given him praise after Theory tagged Cena in a video of him taunting a young Cena fan.

Cena did a recent Q&A in a video posted to WWE’s official TikTok account. During it, he named Theory as his current favorite WWE star before pointing to his eyes and then at the camera.

He did the same thing when asked which star is in most need of an attitude adjustment (Cena’s finisher) and Cena once again answered with Theory.

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As previously reported, Vince McMahon sees a young Cena in Theory and is high on the United States Champion. WWE needs a big match for SummerSlam and bringing back Cena would certainly be something to give them a boost and help sell additional tickets.

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