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John Cena shoots on the entire WWE locker room

John Cena has been the face of WWE for a very long time and has seen some of the biggest events of the Modern Era go down right in front of them.

But as Cena spoke to Edge and Christian on their Pod Of Awesomeness he revealed that there’s no better time than now to make a big name for yourself in WWE due to all the offerings the company has right now.

But Super Cena also revealed that sadly so many Superstars just aren’t willing to take that extra step in order to really become huge Superstars in spite of the opportunities right in front of them.

“The amount of complacency is staggering I mean these guys are all so gifted and there’s never been a better time ever to make a name for yourself in WWE. With all of the platforms that we have. With Raw, with SmackDown, with NXT we’re increasing our amount of pay-per-views. We’re throwing so much content at the network it’s insane.”

“We have so many guys with so many chances I just don’t get it. [Edge and Christian] certainly knows better than I do because I came in at the tail-end of like ‘hey man everybody’s just gonna have to quit to even get a chance.’ And I got my chance by mistake and I knew that.”

Cena brought up how the roster used to be so stacked some people were lucky to get screen time for a few seconds. “But nowadays it’s in the reverse where the Superstars are in such a  ‘well I’m gonna wait to see what they have for me.’ When that’s not what it is.”

He discussed how a character is just an outline and elaborated on how workers have all the freedom to make their characters their own. “In the promos with me and Roman, when I feel something I’m gonna say it. And if they react to something I’m gonna poke the bear even more.”

“So it’s not like ‘he’s sitting on his high hill and not practicing what he preaches’ — I’m every single day I go out there and take those chances and that’s the reason why I got to where I was at.”

He said there’s a time when every wrestler needs to stand up and define themselves otherwise WWE might not realize what kind of person they want to be.

“Here’s the great thing about Vince is that he will explain everything” Cena continued. “A lot of guys go into the creative process and they get upset and they just put their head down and they X, Y, and Z  and that’s that. If you’re really that upset go to the person you work for and simply ask a question why. ‘Why are we doing this?’ because 99 times out of 100 Vince will tell you, ‘hey this is the creative ethos behind this thought’ — you want aways going: ‘okay that helps me out I can do it.'”

Cena might have been very blunt in his wording but he was being totally honest. He prefaced his statements by saying that maybe this is why WWE doesn’t let him do very many podcasts because he’s liable to say things like this. But if Vince McMahons’ “brass ring” comment lit a fire under the whole WWE locker room we can’t help but wonder what this will do as soon as it gets around.

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Quotes thanks to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness


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