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John Cena talks about why he will not turn heel



John Cena, who is scheduled to face Rusev in a Flag Match at the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view event later this month, recently went undercover for GQ to promote his FOX show, American Grit. He posted as himself on several online sites, including Twitter, Quora, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, and IMDB. Keep in mind that some of his answers are tongue in cheek.

When the question of why he is the highest paid WWE Superstar, he said that is false as he thinks the question here is why he is not the highest paid wrestler in the WWE.

For years now, fans have wanted to see him turn heel. However, WWE has decided not to do so due to him being the face of the company. When the question of why he does not turn heel was brought up, he said that oftentimes he runs out onto the WWE stage to thunderous boos and his theme song has been remixed by the fans to “John Cena sucks.” He said that he turned heel, but the fans missed it as it happened just about ten years ago.

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