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John Cena to star in action thriller movie with Jackie Chan

John Cena just scored another major Hollywood film role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cena will team up with Jackie Chan for an action thriller that was originally supposed to star Sylvester Stallone. Cena will be taking Stallone's place.

The working title of the film is "Project X," and Chan will also serve as a producer. The film is about Chan as a private security contractor who is called to extract oil workers when a China-run oil refinery in the Middle East is attacked.

Chan's character learns that the real plan is to steal a fortune in oil so he teams up with an American (played by Cena) to stop them.

This is another big film for Cena, who will also star in Transformers spinoff "Bumblee," set to hit theaters in December. As noted here several times, there are many Hollywood offers on the table for Cena. At this point, WWE fans would be lucky to see him in the ring very sporadically.

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