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John Cena update and a story from when Cena was first injured by Wyatt in 2010

As noted over the weekend, John Cena's right eye was injured in a match in Madison, Wisconsin. The belief at first was that it was from a headbutt but WWE officials said that it came from a really bad poke in the eye. Cena admitted that he couldn't see out of the eye for a few days. On Raw his eye did look better but production was ordered not to shoot any close up shots of him. The good news for Cena is that there was no serious damage done to his eye.

Back in 2010 when Bray was on the roster as Husky Harris as part of Nexus, he accidentally poked Cena in the eye and got heat for it at the time because he did not "apologize enough" for the accident. That was one of the reasons (some said the main reason) why he was dropped from the main roster at the time. That was a blessing in disguise for him since they came up with a new character for him while he was in developmental.

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