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John Cena was ready to turn heel in 2011, details on the Cena scholarship

As we noted during our recap from late Monday Night, John Cena revealed on Chris Jericho’s Live podcast that there was talk of him going heel during his feud with The Rock. This is the first time that he talked about this publicly. Cena said that he even paid for a change in ring outfit from the jorts to a singlet type of outfit and there was new music ready for him. The heel turn would have happened after WrestleMania 27 after The Rock costed Cena the title in his match with The Miz.

There are some more details on this in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. Basically, Cena spent $5,000 to get new gear made but canceled the order before the gear was made. Just to show what a stand up guy Cena is, instead of asking for a refund he instead told the seamstress, Sue Kotulski, to use the money to make outfits for some of the guys in developmental. Cena never said this publicly so for him to do this quietly without the public knowing about it says a lot about the guy. Cena also does a ton of charity work that doesn’t get talked about on TV. So, after he gave the money to the developmental guys is when the unofficial Cena scholarship was created. Basically, each month coaches would vote on who they feel is the most outstanding developmental performer and the person chosen would get $500 that would be used towards getting their ring gear made.


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