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John Cena will unveil a “6th move of doom” when he returns to WWE

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John Cena will unveil a “6th move of doom” when he returns to WWE

As we reported on Sunday, John Cena has been added to the September 1st show in Shanghai, China on September 1st. This is not an ordinary live event for Cena and he plans to do something special for the fans in attendance.

He was interviewed today at the Jackie Chan Stunt Team International Training Centre in Beijing, China and it looks he has picked up a new move while training.

He acknowledged that fans have been critical about his style and his “5 moves of doom” and he is working on another move that “has a true foundation in Chinese culture.” He also described the move as being “extremely powerful.”

Cena hinted that he would debut the new move in Shanghai, China at the live event on September 1.

At this point, there has been nothing on WWE TV hinting at Cena wrestling at SummerSlam for a rematch against The Undertaker. Aside from the event on 9/1, the only other show he is advertised for is the Super Show-Down taking place in Melbourne, Australia this October.

Listen to Cena talk about his new move in the video below:

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