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John Cena’s cousin understands why fans want to see a change to the John Cena character

Marc Predka, who is the cousin of John Cena, recently spoke with Journey of a Frontman. Here are the highlights.

On if he thinks John Cena is a polarizing figure:

“I mean I can see it, I can see how people probably want to see something change. But it’s like what do you want? I mean, really. I think what he has right now is perfect. I really do. But I guess everyone grows tired of prolonged success on any level. I mean I’m a Patriots fan so I see it all the time with them as a team. I felt the same way when the 49ers and the Cowboys were winning. Just brand or team fatigue. It’s natural to want change in that regard.”

On the possibility of Cena recording another rap album:

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“You would honestly have to ask him. I’d obviously be down to do it. I mean he was supposed to be on three songs on my latest Black Ash Days album and he sounded better than ever. His writing was more polished and personal. It was great to hear.”

You can read the entire interview here.