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John Cena’s return could be a lot sooner than expected

When John Cena lost at No Mercy a lot of people were under the assumption he would be taking off to be a movie star for a bit. After all, he’s got a lot of big plans and bigger offers on the way on the silver screen. But it turns out John Cena might be back way earlier than we thought.

It doesn’t seem like much of a vacation when someone just takes a month off from WWE to film a bunch of extracurricular endeavors but The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports John Cena is expected to be back by Survivor Series.

If this is the case then John Cena would only be missing the TLC and Hell In A Cell PPVs which is not a lot of time at all. But he wasn’t even booked for HIAC so that’s really only one show he’ll miss. A month away is still enough time for us to miss him and maybe that’s all that matters before he comes back to do some more work.

Cena is crazy busy and this hiatus might be prepping fans about the idea of losing him indefinitely. Or at least he could become an ultimate part-timer. It only shows absence makes the heart grow fonder sometimes because you don’t fully appreciate what you have until it’s gone. But Vince still has a couple of guys he can rely on however, none of them are John Cena.

However, if you cross your fingers and make a wish, apparently we’ll be seeing John Cena once again in November. Even though in all reality we could never see him in the first place.

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