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John Laurinaitis was never scheduled to be at Friday’s WWE SmackDown

WWE’s head of talent relations John Laurinaitis is part of the investigation that the board of WWE started in April regarding Vince McMahon.

As previously reported, McMahon has been accused of paying $3 million to a WWE paralegal to keep an affair quiet. It was alleged in an email that McMahon “gave her like a toy” to Laurinaitis. The investigation expanded into other nondisclosure agreements that involved misconduct claims made by other former female WWE employees about McMahon and Laurinaitis.

It was reported earlier this week that both McMahon and Laurinaitis were planning to be at SmackDown on Friday night. McMahon did appear on the show for a short promo in the opening segment in character. 

During today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Laurinaitis was never scheduled to be at Friday’s show. However, if it’s not at Monday’s Raw then there could be something going on.

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“John Laurinaitis was never scheduled to be in Minneapolis tonight. So him not being there is not necessarily any kind of a story. I mean he wasn’t there, but there were some internet rumors that he was there. He was not there and not scheduled to be there. I believe he’s scheduled to be there on Monday, but I don’t know that 100%. But if he’s not there on Monday I would say then maybe there is a story. As far as he goes, it’s going to be tough for him just because of the position that he’s in for one. Vince is the boss and it’s harder to get rid of him obviously. But for John, it’s a bad look.”

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