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John Layfield names the current WWE stars he would want if he relaunched his Cabinet stable



On the latest "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw" podcast, John Layfield was asked, "If you had to put The Cabinet back together right now, who would I put from the current WWE roster?” JBL's original cabinet stable consisted over Orlando Jordan, Amy Weber, Doug Basham, Danny Basham and Jillian Hall.

“I want you to understand that when you put a Cabinet together for groups, normally you’re trying to build people," Layfield said. "So some of these people are already main event people. Take that for granted. I’m just talking if I had my choices."

Layfield put over Sonya Deville as a good talker and as someone who could fill the role that Amy Weber had.

"So first of all, you need a coordinator to do everything like Amy Weber was. That would be Sonya Deville, no doubt about it. She’s incredibly talented. She is very articulate. She can talk. That’s what you need for that role. I think Sonya Deville would be fantastic in that role."

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Layfield said that he would also add some enforcers to his stable.

"You need someone that’s your enforcers," Layfield said. "I love Chad Gable and Otis. I think Chad Gable is incredibly entertaining. A close second would be Shelton Benjamin, mainly because I love Shelton Benjamin, and I think Shelton Benjamin is one of the most talented guys that I’ve ever, ever been around. He and Cedric (Alexander), I would just have to put them all in. Put Shelton and Cedric in there, Otis and Chad, because I think that team is fantastic."

Layfield also put over current WWE United States Champion Damian Priest.

Layfield said, "Then you need the hand, for lack of a better term, the right hand guy. Damian Priest, without a doubt in my mind. That guy has a look that you couldn’t replicate in a hundred creative meetings. It’s that good. He’s a good looking guy. He can talk. He can work. I think he would be perfect for The Cabinet. So, there’s my Cabinet.”

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