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John Layfield says Eddie Guerrero came up with some of the lines for the JBL character to say on TV



John Bradshaw Layfield joined Christy Olson on this week to take some fan questions about his wrestling career.

Here are some highlights:

Layfield was asked if the JBL character could have debuted after himself and Ron Simmons got split up due to the brand split in 2002:

“There’s a couple answers to that. The biggest thing that happened during that time was after 9/11, I was going to Iraq a lot. I was doing a lot of stuff with the soldiers. I was going to Walter Reed. I’m not sure. I’ve never talked to Vince about it, so I don’t have this from him personally, but I have the feeling they didn’t really want me to be a heel at that time because of what was going on in the country, and I was going to Iraq and Afghanistan quite a bit. So, they didn’t really need the JBL character. It was fine with me just being Bradshaw at that point. They didn’t really have a lot for me, but that was fine as well. They came upon a need when Eddie Guerrero got the title because Big Show was hurt, Kurt Angle was hurt, and Brock Lesnar left the company. There were a whole host of things that happened at the same time, and they needed that character right away. That’s when they needed a main event guy against Eddie Guerrero, so I just got lucky. I had a torn bicep, a hernia surgery, another hernia surgery, and after the second hernia surgery, I thought I was retired. All of a sudden this break came, and they needed somebody for Eddie in 6 weeks at The Staples Center. It was quite a shock when they told me. I was thrilled to be able to bring out the JBL character at that point. As far as coming in earlier, they didn’t need it. That was just a moment in time that they did, and fortunately, it was kind of on the front burner of Vince’s mind that when he needed it, he was able to pull it out.”

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Layfield talked about the friendship he had with Eddie Guerrero:

“Eddie would call me all times of the day and night and give me ideas for promos. He said to tell them, ‘My ancestors came over here in a boat, not an inner tube.’ I said, ‘Eddie, you’re going to get me killed.’ Sometimes we would be in the ring and I would be cutting a promo. He would send into the referee some phrase he would want me to say, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English. Especially the southwest in front of huge Latino audiences, I would always say it and people would get so furious. That was all Eddie. Eddie really liked the JBL character. Eddie was a groomsman in my wedding. I did part of the eulogy at his funeral. I wish he was still here today. We were close friends. He really took pride in getting JBL over. If JBL had anybody else other than Eddie, it probably would have been a one off at The Staples Center. I don’t think JBL would have been around another PPV. I think I probably would have retired, probably within a few months, but because of Eddie, he made JBL, and then I had a pretty good run with it.”

Layfield talking about his job as on commentary:

“I had to retire because of my back. When I lost to Rey Mysterio the first time in whatever match it was, I think it was an ‘I Quit’ match or whatever it was, that was because my back had gotten bad really quick all of a sudden, and they told me I needed to get out of the ring. I got out of the ring and I had the opportunity to do commentary. I really enjoyed it, but I really wanted to get back in the ring because I didn't want to leave the ring. I was really enjoying what I was doing. My back, I thought it had gotten better after whatever period it was. It wasn’t that long. That’s why I took the opportunity to get back in the ring. I probably should have never done it. I probably should have just stayed retired. But that’s why I got off the commentary desk was because of the fact that I thought I could get back in the ring. My heart was always in wrestling. I would have wrestled to this day if I could have, but my body gave out on me.”

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