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John Layfield says he tipped a bartender with fake $100 JBL bills



Some people would say that John Bradshaw Layfield doesn't have the most stellar reputation in the wrestling business because of his backstage antics when he was a full-time wrestler and announcer. Most wrestling fans have heard a JBL story.

Well, it looks like Layfield is still up to his old tricks. He sent out a tweet on Wednesday about a bartender at a WrestleMania after-party. Layfield says he couldn't get waited on so he decided to tip him with fake $100 JBL bills, the ones you probably saw falling from the ceiling when he would make his entrance for his matches.

JBL wrote, "Wrestlemania after party-I couldn’t get waited on at the bar-so I tipped the bartender a couple of these bills, not letting him see they weren’t real. I tipped him all night with $100 JBL bills, he had to be furious when he got home and saw me on the currency!"

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Some people found his tweet to be funny while others were not thrilled about Layfield deceiving the bartender.

Here is some of the reaction: