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Johnny Gargano calls NXT the best wrestling show on the planet



Johnny Gargano made some strong comments while doing an interview with TMZ Sports. 

WWE NXT was brought up, which is where Gargano made it known that he thinks NXT is the best wrestling show in the world.

He also stated that people should stop referring to Raw and SmackDown as the main roster. He thinks NXT should be part of the group due to it now being on the USA Network in prime time and the quality of wrestling that it has. 

"That's BS. That's complete garbage, and it's something that me and a lot of guys have worked to dispel for a very long time," Gargano told us.

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"Anybody out there that uses the words 'main roster' when talking about Raw and SmackDown, how about you watch the show on Wednesday night. You'll see the real main roster. You'll see the best wrestling show on the planet. You will see the best locker room on the planet led by me."

In fact, Gargano has a message for fans who think NXT isn’t on the same level as the other brands. 

"'Main roster,' 'developmental,' you're stupid if you use those words. You're stupid! Quit it!"

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below: