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Johnny Gargano says goodbye to his happy place



Johnny Gargano isn't the only one who didn't want to grow up because he wanted to be a Toys R Us kid. The retail giant meant a lot to children all over for a very long time. But after a series of bad business breaks and poor corporate judgment this beloved company is biting the dust.

Toys R Us is now forced to close every one of their retail locations and a massive clearance sale is taking place throughout their reach. Soon any WWE merchandise that is a Toys R Us exclusive piece will be a relique of the past, so you might want to keep that in mind if you're doing any shopping in the near future.

Gargano spent a lot of time at Toys R Us and said it was always his happy place. Johnny Wrestling went on to explain how much this store meant to him that Toys R Us was a part of his life. Now future generations won't know what it is like to go to a Toys R Us store which is actually quite sad to consider.

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Johnny Gargano is doing great and achieving some excellent things in the ring. But as his career in WWE grows he won't be able to cruise his happy place in search of his own action figure and neither will anyone else.

Thanks for all the memories, Toys R Us.

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