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Johnny Knoxville shares Sami Zayn's phone number on airplane banner



Johnny Knoxville got some revenge on Sami Zayn as both men continue to hype their match for WWE WrestleMania.

TMZ posted a video of Knoxville showing off a plane that has a banner with Zayn's number on it. Knoxville said this was in retaliation for Zayn getting his phone number and "stalking" him all day with text messages.

Knoxville the following today: "So today, for my birthday, I am flying his phone number over Los Angeles. 407-574-1532. See ya at WrestleMania, Shnookums."

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Last week, Knoville helped Ricochet win the Intercontinental Title from Zayn and that led to the challenge being issued between Zayn and Knoxville for WrestleMania in Dallas.

Zayn sent out the following tweets after the plane stunt: