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Johnny The Bull reveals Shane McMahon tried to give him a push in WWE despite writing staff being against it



Johnny the Bull recently appeared on "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" where he shared what he is doing now, and discussed how Shane McMahon supported him and attempted to give him a push.

Johnny the Bull on what he is doing now:

“I’m a mortgage broker. I do residential loans for purchases and refinances and I'm a vice president of my division at Federal Savings Bank. I kind of worked my way out of it (wrestling). I was going overseas. I would come home, like 2008, and I would have nothing to do for two weeks. I started working for a buddy of mine’s broker shop. I started writing ones for other wrestlers like Charlie Haas, Umaga, and Bobby Lashley just to name a few. I’ve probably done like 20 wrestler’s loans. Slowly, my last match was in 2015 vs The Hurricane. I ran the show and brought all the guys. After that, I’ve been doing mortgages full time. It’s stressful, but not as painful.”

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Johnny said Shane McMahon was the only one who would push him:

“Shane and I became good friends when I went to WWE. Every time he was at the show, I would win. When he wasn’t there, I would lose. There was politics. There were certain people in the booking committee who didn’t like me and I didn’t like them, but when Shane McMahon was there, he trumped all of them because he’s Shane McMahon. That’s why when they put us together as the FBI, we were getting pushed big time wrestling Brock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and all the top guys. When Shane left, they broke us up.”

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