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Jon Bravo makes bold and cryptic statement implicating another huge WWE Superstar

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Jon Bravo makes bold and cryptic statement implicating another huge WWE Superstar

It should be no secret at this point that filmmaker Jon Bravo is making a documentary about steroids and has collaborated with accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez. Roman Reigns’ name popped up in this story but it seems like this could only be the tip of the iceberg.

Bravo has the records for Rodriguez’s entire operation currently in his possession from his laptop and plans to release another installment of his documentary very soon. In this latest installment, he promises to release the names of 15 WWE Superstars from the past and present who are connected with this story.

In addition to those names, Bravo promises he will release the name of a WWE legend who purchased a reported $140,000 worth of products from Richard Rodriguez. We already know Roman Reigns is implicated in this story and others are said to be to follow very soon.

Bravo wanted to make it very clear from another post that his documentary isn’t based on rumors and as he went on to say that he plans to back up everything he says as well with supporting evidence. He went on to say that he appreciates WWE and their fans and is in no way targeting anyone. He is just trying to do the best work possible as he continues with his documentary which could very well have extremely interesting ramifications as time goes on.

As Bravo continues to put the finishing touches on the next installment of his documentary, he is putting out some very cryptic messages through his Instagram story.

Bravo said, “I am realizing that there is information here that people don’t want me knowing. Where it brings me, I’m not sure but I’m in this & it’s too late to stop now. I owe it to everyone” and another message read, “no one truly knows what goes on behind the scene when you have information that people don’t want out. I take each day as it comes and I never planned this story I fell into the story, now I have to finish it. God bless.”

If that isn’t strange enough making it sound like he’s uncovered some kind of huge conspiracy, Bravo also inserted the following picture into his Instagram story as well featuring a face everyone’s liable to recognize. Yes, that’s John Cena a man who has always proclaimed to be squeaky clean and simply a genetically superior human being. Only time will tell who those 15 names are that Bravo plans on releasing but things look like they’ll get very interesting soon enough.



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