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Jon Moxley comments on if he regrets not leaving WWE earlier

Jon Moxley recently spoke with about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, Moxley was asked if he regrets not leaving WWE earlier. 

Moxley, which is the name that he used on the independent scene prior to signing with WWE where he went by the name Dean Ambrose, became a free agent after his contract with WWE expired in April. 

He had a successful stint with WWE but grew frustrated about his spot in the company and the way that things were handled. Thus, he departed from WWE and signed with AEW

“That’s an interesting question. I’ve often thought, and wondered, what would have happened if I left in September of 2015, which was when I signed my last contract with WWE. But, at that point, I was still kinda like, still trying to do things their way and I just kinda like… It never occurred to me to leave really back then. It felt like I wasn’t, like I hadn’t completely… I never really bought into their bullshit kind of thing, but I like was trying to be optimistic. Like, be grateful for the opportunity and try to make the most of it and, you know, save money and so forth.

But, I often wonder what would have happened if I had the foresight to just leave back then. I don’t know. It could have been worse, it could have been better, but, ultimately, everything’s supposed to work out how it’s supposed to be. The timing of, like, leaving at just the moment that AEW came into existence and just merging at the same time, that feels like a historical thing that I’m very grateful that it happened. Hopefully, it’s historical. We look back in five years and maybe it didn’t matter at all. But, you know, we’ll find out.”


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