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Jonah talks about people in WWE NXT ‘buddying up’ to the writers, wrestling for NJPW and Impact Wrestling

Former WWE star Bronson Reed (Jonah) was recently interviewed on Wrestling Observer Live. Here are some of the highlights:

Jonah talking about wanting to wrestle for New Japan after being released from WWE:

“As soon as I was able to wrestle somewhere else after my release, there was only really New Japan Pro Wrestling that I really had in the forefront of where I wanted to go.  I was very happy that it all came together and I’m doing stuff for New Japan Strong, and when the world permits, I’ll be over in Japan ready to kill some people over there as well.”

On wrestling for Impact:

“I have an agreement with New Japan, but it is also non-exclusive. That’s what’s enabled me to open up the door to Impact Wrestling as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more stuff with them. I made quite, pun intended, quite the impact when I attacked Josh Alexander. I want to continue to do that wherever I go.”

Jonah talking about the writers in NXT:

“I feel like when I first was there, there was a different head writer, and he ended up leaving. When the new team came forward, that’s when I was more utilized. I feel like some people buddy up to the writers. Of course you want to be close to these people because you’re working with them creatively. The type of performer that I am, I always want to put in my input. I can’t just copy, cut and paste what I do. I like to be creative. So it does pay to be in the best interest to get along with these people, but I found things started working best for me once I found myself, Hunter, and I had a great relationship with Shawn (Michaels) as well. Once I was on board with those guys, that’s when things took off.”

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