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Jonathan Coachman responds to Bryan Alvarez calling him “the worst commentator in wrestling history”

It’s no secret that WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman is not a fan of certain wrestling news sites. He has taken time to rip on Dave Meltzer in the past and he had some words for the Wrestling Observer site on Sunday night when a fan pointed out that Bryan Alvarez had some harsh words about his commentary.

During the pay-per-view, Coachman must have said something to prompt Alvarez to say, “Coach is the worst commentator in wrestling history. #MITB”

Coachman saw what he said and responded, “Literally no one in the actual business talks to the observer. They hate me because I have always called them out on their lack of being accurate on ANYTHING. It’s no sweat they have to write something.”

It’s funny he would say that because some of the biggest names in the history of the wrestling business, including Vince McMahon, have read the Observer and have talked to Dave Meltzer. McMahon would regularly talk to Meltzer for years and, during the NXT Takeover: New Orleans conference call with the wrestling media, Triple H praised Meltzer for his the knowledge he shared during the Andre The Giant documentary that aired on HBO. Keep in mind that the documentary was produced in association with WWE so Meltzer would not have been on it if Vince McMahon did not approve.

I doubt Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer are losing sleep over Coach’s comments about them.

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