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Jordan Myles was pulled from WWE NXT events before t-shirt story went public



The Jordan Myles story was the most talked about story last weekend and there were people in WWE furious at him because of how the situation was handled.

Booker T was one of the people to publicly rip on Myles for the way he took things to social media instead of handling the issue backstage. Booker also took issue with Myles dragging Jay Lethal's name into the t-shirt situation in a now-deleted tweet. Lethal is very popular among his peers, including wrestlers who came from TNA and ROH who are now in WWE. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some people were madder at him for what he said about Lethal because Lethal just suffered a broken arm and was not expecting to get dragged into Myles' situation.

Meltzer noted that it was Triple H's decision to go "all the way" with Myles by having him win the NXT Breakout Tournament in August that led to a match with NXT Champion Adam Cole. Myles hasn't wrestled since September 21. He hasn't been on shows in well over a month and the nature of his leave of absence is being kept confidential and it's not something WWE will comment on. The leave is being described as "medical leave for something that was not an injury."

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Basically, there appears to be an issue that has kept him out of action for weeks but since WWE is not commenting on it, we don't know if that issue is related to the racist t-shirt design.

There's still no word on what is next in this story. WWE is in a tough situation because they would look bad if they fired him and they would look awkward if he asks to be released and they refuse. It would also be awkward to bring him back to the locker room if tensions are still high.

We'll pass along updates on this story when we get them. Click here for the latest on the Jordan Myles story.