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JTG pushes for WWE to give Shad Gaspard the Warrior Award

Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Michael Bezjian/WireImage

With the WWE Hall Of Fame just a few weeks away, former WWE star JTG is making the case for why fellow WWE star Shad Gaspard should be given the Warrior Award at the ceremony.

Shad passed away at the young age of 39 in 2020 during a tragic incident at Venice Beach while with his son. He was taken away by a riptide at the beach just moments after Gaspard, his son, and a group of swimmers found themselves in deep water.

Gaspard insisted on lifeguards taking his son before him and he was taken away by the water. JTG campaigned for this during an interview with Muscle Man Malcolm.

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“It would definitely have to be the Warrior Award. Shad did a heroic act, sacrificing his life for his son. But if it wasn’t his son, if it was somebody else out there, he would have probably done the same act. Shoot, if it was me, he would have probably done that for me. Shad has always had this hero mindset, years before that, he stopped a burglary at a gas station. Shad has always done something where he’s rescuing or saving somebody. I remember at a club, some guy was getting into his girl’s face and Shad put an end to that guy and threw the guy like, ‘You don’t put no hand on no lady.’ Cleaned that up real quick.”

WWE introduced the award in 2015 for the recipients who have "exhibited unwavering strength and perseverance.” The award was created following the Ultimate Warrior's death.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found around the 7:45 mark):

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