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JTG says Shad Gaspard should receive the WWE Warrior Award

JTG spoke with Chris Van Vilet for a new interview to discuss a wide range of topics including his tag team partner and close friend with Shad Gaspard.

Shad passed away at the young age of 39 earlier this year during a tragic incident at Venice Beach while with his son. He was taken away by a riptide at the beach just moments after Gaspard, his son, and a group of swimmers found themselves in deep water.

Gaspard insisted on lifeguards taking his son before him and he was taken away by the water.

JTG believes that Gaspard should get the WWE Warrior Award for the sacrifice he made to save his son.

“He definitely should. I don’t know what’s a bigger heroic act than putting his life on the line for his son. But honestly, he would have done it if it was another child. If it was me, he probably would have did the same exact thing.”

You can watch the entire teaser video by clicking on the player below:

The full interview will be released on Thursday via all major podcast platforms and YouTube. The following were other highlights sent to us:

How often he thinks about Shad:

“Every day. I’ve got a lot of photos in my room of Shad. I have so many photos of Shad in my phone. When I’m scrolling, I can’t get away from him. But it’s a good thing though.”

How close he and Shad were:

“I don’t know if a lot of people know this but me and Shad were best friends. We were like brothers. We were pretty much like family. I spent a few Thanksgivings with him and his family. If I had an issue or financial problem or if I just had like personal problems, he was there for me. He was always there for me.”

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