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JTG to release a tell-all book about his time in WWE on Wednesday

Former WWE Superstar JTG has written a tell-all book that is titled, “Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?” and is scheduled to be released on Wednesday.

The book will feature backstage stories from his time in WWE.

Down below is the promotional material for the book:

DAMN! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK? Is a compilation of short stories all focused around the four letter word that has ended more wrestling careers than steroids, pills and alcohol combined. HEAT!

HEAT – A “black cloud” that follows a superstar after a personal conflict or misunderstanding between two individuals or more backstage.

In Damn! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK, I take the reader, on a journey, from the beginning of my career, to the final curtain call; sharing stories on how I battled Heat from day one, while managing to piss off more people for writing this book!!!

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