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Justin Credible agrees with Jim Cornette: a lot of indie shows are mud show wrestling

Justin Credible gave his view of the current Independent wrestling scene on his podcast titles “Pro Wrestling 1o1” on

Here are some highlights:

Justin said, “I don’t agree with Jim Cornette on a lot of his views and opinions, but he’s 100% right when he calls them mud shows, a lot of those indie shows, because they really are. You have referees reffing in sandals and shorts and tank tops. It’s just a joke. It looks like backyard wrestling. A lot of it has become backyard wrestling. That’s the best way I can put it. Also, the problem is so deep in this business. Wrestling promoters have never been great at getting together, and if you can get a band of credible promoters to join something that would put a stamp on an indie show that says, ‘This is approved by this governing body’, and if you work outside of that governing body, it’s like you are blackballed or something, because there is no quality control. You should be able to at least prove that you’ve been trained and you have some kind of proof that you were trained by this wrestler or went to this camp. A lot of these kids are not ready. They look terrible and overall, that hurts professional wrestling. If one person stumbles upon the wrong show, and a lot of them do, they’ll never come back and that’s a lost fan for life. We can’t afford that coming out of Covid.”

He continued, “I think it starts with the wrestling school. I think people that maybe had a cup of coffee somewhere, wrestling for some indie promotion, or has a little experience in the business, and then all of a sudden, he has some money and wants to be a promoter. Sometimes a lot of people pay to play.

On some shows… “Each younger wrestler that wasn’t proven or didn’t have a name or went to a school had to sell 10 or 20 tickets. Sometimes the more tickets you sell, you might get to work with one of the main stars. So again, it’s an aberration of what wrestling is… I feel funny saying you have to sell tickets in order to come up. I’m not totally against it, but something just doesn’t feel right. At the end of the day, everybody is getting paid, but also a lot of unqualified people are making the cut. Who deems those people qualified or unqualified? It’s weird. You can go on both sides of the fence and not be wrong. If you sell 20 tickets and you get to work with The Sandman, or Raven, or Sabu, or RVD or whoever, myself. Some guys, if you sell tickets, you get to go over in the Battle Royal. That’s not business.  That’s something else. We have to be careful.”

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