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Justin Roberts goes off on WWE’s Kevin Dunn: “I wasn’t treated well when I was there”

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he answered a wide range of questions on his WWE run (2002 – 2014). During the Q&A, he was asked about Kevin Dunn. He said that Dunn sits on headsets during the show and berates everyone. He noted that Dunn talks down to everyone and is very negative, high strung and heartless. He said that he is thankful that Dunn hired him but noted that he is not a good person in a company full of great people.

When asked if the reason he was released from WWE is because he flipped off Michael Cole at ringside. He said that is not true at all and that there was never any interaction between him and Cole that night. He said that there were times on other nights where they would talk but didn’t really interact because Cole was on the headsets. “But, the funny part is, he was the one who released me. And when he did, there was no anger whatsoever. No bad feelings whatsoever between us, at all.”

When asked about possibly returning to the company, he said no and that he is happy with everything that he did in the company as he had an awesome run. “I wasn’t treated well when I was there, and I wouldn’t want to go through that again. I was treated awesome by co-workers, but I wouldn’t want to go through that experience with upper-management again.”

You can read the AMA in its entirety here.


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