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Justin Roberts shoots on WWE at House of Hardcore 8, other ex-WWE stars appear

Justin Roberts made his first non-WWE appearance at House of Hardcore 8 in Philadelphia on Saturday night. ECW announcer Steve DeAngelis came out and introduced a local radio show DJ named Rocco. The fans turned on Rocco with chants of "you suck d***" and "f*** you Rocco." That's when former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts came out and said that he could take over his announcing duties. Roberts talked about being the ring announcer for mega events like WrestleMania but he said that was nothing like the feeling he has tonight in Philadelphia. Roberts admitted that he was nervous and knew that the fans would lay into him but he said that's ok. Fans were brutal here and chanted "Bring Back Rocco." Roberts said that the fan reaction is just what he likes because they can express what they like and don't like. He said that he lost his passion over the last few years and there were a lot of politics. The crowd popped for a little kid that gave Roberts the finger as he was sitting on his father's shoulder.

Roberts then ripped on WWE saying that they sent garbage out to the ring every Monday and said that the fans deserve better than that. Roberts said "they are here for a good f***ing show." The fans loved that and he won them over with that line. Roberts said that he knows the fans love pro wrestling and there's no politics on Tommy Dreamer's shows and no glass ceiling. Roberts also said that while the business might look healthy on the surface, the business is dying a slow death inside and the wrong people are making the wrong decisions and the fans deserve better. Roberts said that he was tired of talking so he went on to announce the next match between Team 3D and The Addiction.

As noted over the weekend, Roberts put out a post on his Instagram account talking about WWE pulling his demo reel from YouTube. You can read about it by clicking here.

PJ Black (the former Justin Gabriel) wrestled against Brian Meyers (the former Curt Hawkins) at the House of Hardcore 8 show in Philadelphia. I believe this is PJ's first appearance since he departed WWE in January. Black won the match after hitting a nice 450 splash.

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Rhino also wrestled on the show and defeated Eddie Kingston after hitting the Gore. This pretty much confirms that Rhino is not signed under a long-term WWE deal. Rhino wrestled on the NXT live event in Cleveland on Friday.

As noted earlier, Rey Mysterio showed up at House of Hardcore. For more on that, click here.

Here are some photos from the show: