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Justin Roberts writing a tell-all book on his time in WWE

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts revealed, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, that he will be writing a tell-all book on his time in WWE. Justin has not pulled any punches on his thoughts on his former employer.

He gave his comments on WWE and how they react to fan outrage for certain storylines. He cited last year’s Royal Rumble as an example. “The Royal Rumble was always my favorite pay per view, but that was a really weird night,” said Roberts. “I was sitting there at the show, thinking to myself, ‘Why can’t they just listen to the crowd?’”

Roberts talked about the last 18 months in WWE and how things became difficult and how he felt that the writers became out of touch with the wrestling fans. “Live events used to be really fun,” he explained. “It used to be myself, a production manager, and a road agent. We would make decisions and the shows would be great, but they became a lot more complicated in the last year-and-a-half. Writers who are so out of touch with wrestling fans and wrestling in general were making decisions, and it became really hard to show up to work knowing the product was suffering because of it.”

In fairness to the writers that work in WWE, all of the decisions go through Vince McMahon and a lot of good ideas that we don’t hear about get shot down by Vince.

Roberts also did not have the best things to say about Triple H. “Hunter started squashing stuff that really started getting over. If you notice, it’s all about the future, and the future is NXT. But focusing on the future shouldn’t mean ignoring the present. Zack Ryder got over huge to the point to the point where the crowd was cheering for him at Madison Square Garden while The Rock was standing in the ring. Dolph Ziggler got over. Primo and Epico [now known as Los Matadores] are fantastic wrestlers, but they get lost in the shuffle. There is a glass ceiling, and anybody they don’t want to get over is squashed despite the fans strongly getting behind them. Daniel Bryan is a rare exception, despite the company fighting it over and over.”

He noted that he still loves the business but he doesn’t miss the politics and the “inhumane” travel schedule. Roberts will be appearing at the “Legends of Wrestling” event this Saturday at Citi Field.

It’s a great interview. You can check out Justin Barrasso’s interview with Roberts by clicking here.


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