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#JustJoe and Bo Dallas trend on Twitter during Raw

The opening segment of Monday Night Raw saw a confident Roman Reigns come out to the ring and talk himself up. He listed all of the people he defeated and then went on to say he was next in line for the Universal Championship no matter who won the Universal Title Match at Great Balls Of Fire. He didn’t care whether he was facing Brock Lesnar or “that guy they call Joe.”

The thing is Roman refused to call Joe “Samoan” because he isn’t in Roman’s famous wrestling family. Reigns implied that if you’re a Samoan wrestler and not in the Anoa’i Family, then it doesn’t matter.

When Joe came out he didn’t like that attitude one bit and got in Roman’s face about it. He pointed out the fact that Roman has never beaten him and The Big Dog didn’t look like he enjoyed hearing that one bit. When Reigns replied that he will always be “just Joe” to him it sparked rage in The Samoan Submission Machine. He beat Roman all around the ring until taking a Superman Punch to conclude the segment. Because in the end Roman must pose.

After the segment was over #JustJoe started to trend on Twitter with over 5,000 instances of the hashtag being used in a very short time. This segment obviously held some water and The Destroyer might just have another moniker now. Imagine how well “Just Joe” t-shirts are going to sell and by that we’re not talking about Joe E Legend.

Joe went on to win his match against Roman later on in the show, but it was thanks to an assist from a returning Braun Strowman. But we’ll take a retaliation win against Roman when we can get one.

An old face also showed up with much more of a beard than we remembered him having before. Some people thought he looked more like Forrest Gump after the part of the movie when he “just felt like running,” but Bo Dallas faced off against Finn Balor and really took it to the first-ever Universal Champion. Of course things eventually went Balor’s way and he got the win thanks to a Coup De Gras. But that short time in the match when Bo Dallas had control really seemed to move some people to tweet.

Bo Dallas also showed up alongside other popular tweets of the night including The Bachelorette and Just Joe. It was an impressive showing from Dallas and for all we know it could result in a new attitude. It would certainly be well-deserved if WWE were to give Bo Dallas a little push. During the entire time the announce team was putting Bo over for showing such intensity they didn’t say “I Bolieve” once either.

Later on Miz asked Bo Dallas along with Curtis Axel to be in his entourage. It could be that more people are starting to notice Bo all of a sudden, but you’re not going to hear any complaints here. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel make great security bears.

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