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Juventud Guerrera did not like riding a lawnmower as part of The Mexicools in WWE

Juventud Guerrera was interviewed on the latest “Talk Is Jericho” to talk about his run in WCW, AAA, WWE and his recent match with Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite.

Here are some highlights:

Juventud said that he learned English from listening from Rock ‘N Roll Bands:

“It was from Trixter, Slaughter, White Lion, Tesla, and all those bands.  I wanted to know what they said.  That’s how I actually started learning.”

Juvi’s thoughts on losing his mask in WCW against Chris Jericho:

“That was shocking because when I started my career, no wrestler wanted to lose his mask.  You always wanted to have it.  My dad had it.  For me to lose it and be in the position of losing the mask was not something I really wanted to do.  In a way, something was telling me, maybe you can do it.  I was just happy to be there.  I just went with the flow.  I didn’t know how the people were going to respond or how they were going to feel about me.  I always tried to look good, but when you took my mask it was perfect.  I remember I was trying to pull the mask little by little.  We didn’t have this planned.  Then you just came and took it away.  Little by little, I started to show my face (his hair was in his face).  I looked straight to the camera and I was like, well, this is me.  I went into the corner and I pulled my head out.”

“I now had this gimmick of ‘Juice’ without the mask.  I think people really started to like it a lot with my personality without the mask and the charisma.  I think it was a little bit better without the mask.”

His thoughts on riding a lawnmower to the ring in WWE:

“I didn’t like it. We tried to make it cool. We put on some bandanas. We put on some glasses. That was something that I’ve never spoken about. I’ve never spoken about it because I never like to talk bad about people because when you talk bad about people, in a little bit, you talk bad about yourself.”

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