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Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) hints at returning to WWE

Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vliet

Former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) was interviewed over the weekend by WSVN-TV Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, conducted before a Coastal Championship Wrestling event in Florida, she hints at a return to WWE. She also talked about how much she has been training, her new tattoo, and whether her friend AJ Lee would go back to WWE now that the Dr. Chris Amann-CM Punk lawsuit is done.

Check out the highlights below and scroll down to see the full interview.

She hints at returning to WWE:

Celeste Bonin: I'm a business woman and an entrepreneur and a sports entertainer.

Chris Van Vliet: Oh she's using the 'sports entertainment' word. No, you're a wrestler.

Celeste Bonin: Ok, is that what we're doing? I'm a wrestler then.

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Chris Van Vliet: Until you work for the other company, you're a wrestler.

Celeste Bonin: No, yeah. I agree. I'm just trying to get into that mentality. Am I foreshadowing?

Now that CM Punk's lawsuit has been settled, would AJ Lee return to WWE?
"(laughs) I don't think so. But who am I to comment on that? I really don't see that happening. She's got so much other stuff that she's got going on in her life. She's an author now and I don't see that happening."

Would she have retired from wrestling in 2014 if she wasn't getting married?
"Maybe, yeah. My life was in such a crazy place when I left WWE. I was getting married and I had this plan to start my company and I was just in a place where I felt like I had done a lot of really cool stuff with WWE and I was like alright next chapter. But looking back I feel like I could have done so much more but hindsight is always 20/20, right? I feel like I've grown tremendously in the last four and a half years as a person, as a wrestler and just in general."

Does she read Internet comments about her?

"Anyone can sit at a keyboard and say anything and it can have no merit or it could be extremely accurate so you just kind of have to know that going into it. I know some people that will never read anything on the Internet about themselves and I know some people that read everything about themselves. I think you kind of have to find a healthy medium. When you engage, some people who leave negative stuff or inappropriate stuff are just baiting you. You have to know when to say 'Delete. Block. Not worth my time.' But if somebody has a valid point or a serious question or whatever, I think it's worthwhile to respond and to interact with people who follow you. I think you just have to use your best judgment and it comes from experience."

(Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the transcription)