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Kaitlyn divorce gets messy, husband locks her out of company warehouse, new website launched



As previously noted here, Former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) and her husband have split up. She posted an update on Instagram regarding her Celestial Bodiez company. It looks like this is a messy split because, in addition to being locked out of her company domain by her ex-husband, she noted that she has also been locked out of the merchandise warehouse so she cannot fulfill orders. She added that "everything is going to be OK."

She has a temporary domain at In a second Instagram post, she posted the following: "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Juuuust kidding. I'm focused on me and making @celestialbodiez the best it's ever been. Time to be a badass bitch."

Bonin signed with WWE in 2010 under a developmental deal and was featured in the third season of the original incarnation of NXT. She landed a spot on othe main roster and went on to win the WWE Divas Championship in 2013. Bonin retired from wrestling in 2014 so she could focus on her marriage and clothing line.

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