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Kalisto apparently busted Lars Sullivan open on purpose at WWE Money In The Bank


Despite what the announcers said at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, the blood on Lars Sullivan's head was not a result of a headbutt he delivered on Kalisto.

If you watch the video back, it looks like Sullivan was cut open when Kaliso hit him with some punches shortly before the headbutt.

The announcers tried to cover for it by saying that Sullivan cut himself open but Kaliso confirmed on Twitter that he did indeed cut Sullivan open.

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Here is what he said on Twitter:

"Yes I did!!! ??? it Wasn’t his head-butt...."

As previously noted, Sullivan has apologized to wrestlers in the locker room for bigoted comments he made years ago before he signed with WWE. WWE is moving on after announcing they would be fining him $100,000 and sending him to sensitivity training.

Similar to when Hulk Hogan apologized, some are forgiving and believe Sullivan is not the same person he was a few years ago. Others have not forgiven him and some are taking the "wait and see" approach to see how he conducts himself. Clearly, Kaliso has not forgiven him.

Here is the clip of Sullivan getting busted open: