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Kalisto repeatedly asked to be removed from Lucha House Party

Kalisto was among the 10 wrestlers to be released by WWE last week after not being used much as of late.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter “the Kalisto story is that he cut his own throat months back.”

Meltzer stated Lince Dorado came up with the idea for the Lucha House Party because he thought it would work to a certain degree and they could make some money off merchandise. He also thought that even though they wouldn’t be pushed, it would appeal to Vince McMahon’s idea of Mexican stereotypes.

He was right as McMahon signed off on the idea. It was said Metalik is happy being paid more than he’s ever made before even though he’s not being pushed as he would like.

Meltzer noted, “Kalisto grew unhappy about being part of an act that was booked as prelim jokes.” Kalisto even made a tweet about it. What’s interesting is that Kalisto kept asking to be out of the group and was continually told no by management. When Lince Dorado asked if he and Metalik could be a team since Kalisto wanted out anyway, WWE decided to do the angle where Kalisto split from the faction.

Meltzer wrote, “There were never any plans to do anything with the split and it was just a way to pacify Kalisto.”

After the split, WWE continued to bring Metalik and Dorado to TV where they would be used for Main Event tapings or 24/7 Title segments while Kalisto wasn’t booked and eventually released.

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