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Kane credits The Undertaker for helping WWE survive during mid-1990s

Since the premiere of his docuseries on the WWE Network, Undertaker: The Last Ride, many WWE stars have come out and spoken about their respect for the former WWE Champion.

The Undertaker has also done several interviews to promote it and spoke out like fans have never seen before due to him keeping kayfabe for his character.

Kane recently spoke with Michael Potts of The Radio Times about The Undertaker. While the two are not brothers as WWE had stated in storyline, they’re good friends.

According to Kane, he thinks the future WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t get enough credit for being the reason for helping the company when it was at its lowest financially.

This was a time, the mid-1990s, where McMahon was in financial trouble while battling WCW.

“When I came to WWE in 1995, things were terrible, frankly. He was the guy who was leading the charge into the Attitude Era and [Steve] Austin came along, The Rock came along, Undertaker was still in the mix. We see Austin and The Rock as highs, but the reason the company survived to reach those highs was because of a guy like The Undertaker and he probably doesn’t get enough credit for that.”

Kane also shared when he came to WWE back in 1995 where he struggled with his gimmick and how The Undertaker was the guy to take him aside to give him advice.

He recalled Taker telling him how he wanted Kane to stay in WWE and that he needed to get his stuff together. He credits Taker for his success and that they had a friendly rivalry over the years. He praised Taker for having a tremendous worth ethic and pushing them both further.

Kane also talked about how he thinks The Undertaker’s character is the greatest ever, how things have changed in WWE, and more. You can read the entire interview here.

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