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Photo Credit: Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor campaign

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Kane got emotional when reading a text message from Vince McMahon following election win

You’ve likely heard by now that former WWE Champion Kane has been elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

“The Big Red Machine” spoke to Sports Illustrated shortly after his victory to get his reaction. During the conversation, Kane revealed that Vince McMahon sent him a congratulatory text message after it was announced that he was elected mayor of Knox County.

Kane revealed he got a bit emotional reading the message and expressed why it’s so important to him that Vince is proud of him:

“Vince has been very supportive throughout this entire endeavor. He reached out to extend his congratulations. Vince wants all of us to do well, no matter what we’re doing, because it reflects well on the company.

“On a personal level, between me and him, it’s important to me that he is proud of me. He’s done so much for me and for my family. He sent me a text that got me all choked up.”

Kane then said he was happy to shed the stereotype of what a WWE Superstar is, also pointing to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as another example:

“I was also out to prove that WWE stars are more than just wrestlers. We’re entertainers. We’re worldwide, internationally-known superstars. Anything that I can do to break that stereotype, I’m all about it. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the number one movie star in the world, and he’s a WWE superstar.

“Linda McMahon is the Small Business Administrator of the United States of America, and she was president of WWE. But somehow, people still have this stereotype of the WWE. I’m happy, on a personal level, to help destroy that stereotype.”


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